BENEATH OUR FEET is a performance in caves from Made by Katie Green.  

"Come, take care, leave your fear up there..."For tens of thousands of years, people have ventured underground in order to experience something out of the ordinary: to take shelter, create, hide, escape, or do something they should not be doing. Join us as we gather for our own extraordinary expedition.

Devised in collaboration with a steering group of archaeologists, geologists, historians, cavers and former miners, Beneath Our Feet is a promenade performance that uses dance and live music to tell the story of the underground. Lucy began work on the project in 2016 as a member of the creative team, and toured with the piece to caves across the UK in 2018.

Lucy is a regular collaborator with Made by Katie Green. Other performance projects with the company include The Imagination Museum and The Imagination Museum Mayflower 400.

Photos this page: Owen Benson